Friday, 14 November 2008

What scale ships?...and Torpedo rules

OK, I have decided that I will be recommending the use of 1/1250th ships for the anti-shipping side of BTH2. We have tried a few playtests with 1/600th - including a game where a 1/600th HMS Ajax took on the role ofa Japanese cruiser targeted by some Avengers. 1/600th target ships, whilst lovely, (see picture) just look too large against the same scale aircraft, so I have decided instead to go with 1/1250th and have shot off an order for some Hallmark ships from Magister Militum.

In the same playtest as the Ajax we gave the torpedo movement rules a good test. Torpedo movement will hapen on the turn of the unit's card that dropped the weapon and we will be using a neat dice throw combination to determine the path taken by the torpedo.

This gave an excellent result each time we tested it.

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  1. How did you find the size of 1/1250th scale ships? I've been trying to decide on a scale for some Pacific missions I'll be running soon.



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