Wednesday, 12 November 2008


One of the key modifications made to BTH2 is the extra emphasis that I am placing on 'Bogeys'. Anyone who plays TFL rulesets will probably be awar of the concept of the 'blind' - a marker on the table that represents an unspotted unit. In BTH1 I used blinds to mark unspotted aircrfat but it was all pretty basic. In BTH2 the blind has been rechristened the 'Bogey' with individual bogey markers for each aircraft (or dummy aircraft). I have added greater depth to the concept of moving, spotting and even combat with blinds. Combat with an unspotted aircraft may sound odd but what we are really talking about here is the unspotted enemy who assails you from behind. Endless accounts of air combat make reference to apilots being shot down by the enemy you never see and in BTH2 we have introduced some mechanisms that will enable this to be recreated on the gaming table.

For playtesting I have had some hex counters made by Litko, overprinted with 'Bag the Hun' and these work really well.

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