Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Ready for Take Off?

Here we are, all tooled up and ready to go. This blog will be my scratchpad for ideas and discussions relating to Bag the Hun wargames rules - and most especially the second edition which I am working hard to complete early in 2009 and which will again be available from www.toofatlardies.co.uk

The first edition of BTH was initially aimed at gaming the Battle of Britain and early war combats, but due to popular demand the rules are used by many to wargame all periods from the Spanish Civil War to through to Korea (see the Bag the MiG supplement in the TooFatLardies specials).

So, what's in the second edition? Well, as well as a few tweaks to the gaming mechanisms (principally to reduce the pilot control tests and simply dice rolling) the second edition will include updated aircraft statistics that make greater allowance for relative performance factors, as well as a number of additional manoeuvres. On top of these there are new sections handling 'bogeys' (unspotted aircraft), clouds and weather, more depth to the bombing rules anti-shipping attacks, and an additional section containing optional rules for character traits and ways to add fun to your games.

So keep your pipper firmly marked on this blog and keep track on the updates.

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