Sunday, 23 September 2012

It's been a while

Oh yes, it's certainly been a while. Over the last year or so our efforts at Lard island have been focussed on bring out a number of new rule sets, with the consequence that there has been far too little time for playing Bag The Hun. I'm really hopeful that with the dust now settling over the very well received Dux Britanniarum that we will be able to find time to take to the skies once more.

And it's time we did.

That's not to say that BTH has been completely neglected. We have been able to keep a constant presence in Toofatlardies specials - and hopefully anyone wanting to game without hexes can take advantage of the hexless options for BTH that were suggested in the 2012 Summer Special.

And I think too that there are some nice new toys out there which it would be nice to take a look at. SO as the autumn rain splashes down on the roof of the Lard Island gazebo, I find myself hoping that the onset of darker, shorter evenings will bring out more time to scramble a few missions of BTH.

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