Sunday, 12 September 2010


The current edition of BATTLEGAMES magazine
( includes a well constructed piece by Tim Beresford on BTH2 which covers a review of the rules and two scenarios for the Battle of Britain. As the c lassical conflict that inspired BTH this is a great choice and I enjoyed the possibilities that Tim's scenarios provided - especially his inclusion of some 'flaming onions'.

This edition of the magazine also includes two obituaries to Paddy Griffith (one by my fellow Lardy Richard Clarke). Paddy was an inspiration to many wargamers of my generation, and I was lucky enough to help Paddy out, acting as Air Umpire in the three Duxford Kreigsspiels that Paddy ran during 2009/2010. These were great fun and gave me a chance to meet and work with the great man himself. It was a delight to see him in action - and somewhat of an eye opener! As chance would have it, this edition of Battlegames also offers a write up of the last one of these Duxford games, Weseruberung (The Invasion of Norway in 1940), that we played in May of this year*.

If you don't already subscribe to Henry Hyde's gem of a magazine then now is the perfect time to make amends.

*at the time of his death Paddy was working on an invasion of Malta game. This game will go ahead as planned at Duxford in October,as a tribute to Paddy. Places on the game are still available (book via Duxford).

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