Friday, 26 June 2009

Summer Special

If you haven't see it, the TFL Summer Special includes a preview of BTH2 as well as an article on the Winter War of 1939/40. (great new website too btw)

Playtests of BTH2 have been going well but I would like to hear from guys prepared to playtest some of the new concepts before we get to the final published version.

Also got some great new drawings today from Clarkey - good enough to truly whet the appetite.

Next week at Lard Island we'll be testing Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen versus the 8th Air Force...should be a good one!

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  1. Playtest BTH2? Ooh ooh pick me... pick me! On a more serious note I'd love to playtest these rules. I have a small group at my local club who are very keen to play some games and I'm more than happy to roll out the gaming mat and play some solo missions.



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