Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Perils of Word

Well, if it ain't our old friend the corrupt file. BTH seems to be plagues with this. An article I wrote a few years ago on Hurricanes in Russia became corrupted when it was alost complete and I had to rewrite the whole blooming thing. This time, my BTH2 file has become corrupted. Lucky I learnt my lesson last time and so have a backup copy saved, but even so I have lost some sections on Bombing, weather and clouds which will have to be rewritten.
Could be worse.


  1. We have a mantra in IT that I live by: Save Early and Save Often.

    I've recently started playing BTH and I have to say I love it. The Battle of Britain scenario book is simply worth it's weight in gold. I'm primarily a solo wargamer and with the limited time I have most nights I find BTH fits in just nicely. Although playing until 3am is normal right?

    Can't wait for BTH2... you wouldn't happen to be looking for another play tester?

  2. Just spotted this comment - I thought I was supposed to be notified when anyone commeneted but seemed to have missed that!

    Always keen to get playtesters going. And as for 3am wargaming. Well, I suppose it gives you Aussies somthing to do whilst listening to the Ashes!


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